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CryptoMoonShots is Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is made up of thousands of small retail investors, who together act as one giant Venture Capitalist.

Our DAO, also know as the Armada, provides retail investors with exclusive access to seed rounds and private sales which would otherwise be inaccessible except for a very limited number of wealthy individuals. This benefits both the investors and the project, as it eliminates the formation of powerful whales who could dump and ruin a project’s reputation.

How it works:

We aim to create a fairer fundraising model, where promising cryptocurrency projects are not reliant on a few VCs, instead our DAO is composed of three different pools, with each having its own purchasing power. This allows for a fairer, healthier distribution of projects’ tokens, and it provides small investors with exposure to the potential profit of these projects. …



Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky but rewarding experience. Our aim is to make it easier for you to pick up the right investments.

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