MoonShots DAO: The Most Elite Community of Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors.

MoonShots DAO
2 min readDec 15, 2020


MoonShots is Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is made up of hundreds of Cryptocurrency traders and investors, who share their collective knowledge to obtain the best possible results.

Our DAO, also know as the Armada, provides its members with all that is needed to stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing world of Cryptocurrency. From news, updates, investment reports, information on early investment opportunities, and more.

The structure of our DAO (The Armada):

The Armada is our main telegram group, in order to access it, you would need to hold 1250 $CMS tokens in your Ethereum wallet at any given time. Once you sell your tokens, you will be automatically kicked out by our bot.

Benefits of being a member in our DAO:

1- You will receive our gem reports before anyone else, which will give a powerful head start.

2- You will be informed about some extremely desirable private sales, and token launches.

3- You will engage in discussions with some of the best traders with years of experience in crypto.

How to join:

1- Acquire a minimum of 1250 $CMS tokens from Uniswap.

2- Follow this link:

3- Follow the instructions of the bot to verify your token holdings using metamask.

Token information:

Name: CryptoMoonShots

Ticker: $CMS

Max Supply: 1,250,000

(All tokens are in circulation)

Token Contract (Verified):

Liquidity is locked:






$CMS token is a utility token that provides membership rights for its holders. It does not possess any intrinsic value and IT IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE considered a form of investment.

All information shared in the group must be followed by your own due diligence and research, nothing is 100% guaranteed.

Our members are normal investors and traders, they are not financial advisors and none of what they share should be considered a financial advice. Always $DYOR!

We are not be responsible for any financial loss that may occur as a result of your own investment decisions.

All members are equal and all members shall be treated with respect, failing to do so, will result in an instant ban.



MoonShots DAO

MoonShots DAO is a token permissioned telegram group. Members of the DAO engage in research and discussions revolving around investing in cryptocurrencies.